Ktisis Capital serves as a strategic advisor to a mix of progressive individual donors, families, foundations and philanthropic collaboratives. Since 2015, we have worked to mobilize resources to advance racial, social, economic and environmental justice. We work with a wide range of individual donors and families to help them create and refine their grantmaking strategies; manage their charitable, advocacy, and political giving and their impact investing; navigate challenging organizational questions on governance, generational transition, and mission change. We also work extensively with funder collaboratives and donor networks, both newly emerging and long-established, on recruitment, engagement and programmatic strategy.


Based in Michigan, we work with clients across the United States and internationally from South and Central America, to Europe and Australia, strategizing with each client to develop a confidential and customized plan of action. Our client engagements range from deep ongoing partnerships that span years to quick, targeted work to tackle a specific challenge or question — we adapt to the needs that each client brings our way.



As a member of the Ktisis team, this newly created position will support our full range of client engagements and is a pathway to building skills and experience that will result in leading advising work in the future. We’re looking for someone who brings a mix of professional skills, experiences in nonprofit or social change settings, and excitement to support a fast growing team helping move money to justice-related causes. We imagine that our new Associate will have some experience within the nonprofit or philanthropic sector, but we are open to a wide range of backgrounds and journeys that might bring someone to join our team.







Click here for more information or to apply. ( To apply, please submit your resume including all relevant professional, educational, and personal experience. In addition, rather than a traditional cover letter (aka...I’m interested and a narrative recap of your resume) we ask that you submit a cover letter that responds to the following questions:  

Why does the work of Ktisis and this specific role as an Associate fit for you, given where you are in your professional and personal life? 

What do you feel you could contribute to the Ktisis team in this role and what do you hope to learn? How do you imagine this role fitting into your continued professional journey?

Often in job applications the topic of politics and personal values are taboo; however, our work specifically focuses on these issues. Tell us about what is important to you: What values guide your life or what issues are you most passionate about? 

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter 

(responding to the above questions) via this form. 


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