Membership Director

Human Rights Funders Network (HRFN) is a network of funders in the Global South, East, and North dedicated to resourcing human rights actions around the world. Our members boldly support movements leading us toward a more just future.



HRFN is looking for a savvy, creative leader to head membership. HRFN’s membership constitutes a diverse and dynamic community of approximately 85 dues-paying organizations. Our current membership includes many of the world’s leading foundations supporting human rights and encompasses a wide range of organizations, from private foundations making grants globally to local and regional funds to public foundations, women’s funds, and community foundations. What sets us apart is our global reach, with members representing 30 countries across the world. HRFN’s director of membership will be responsible for reshaping and implementing HRFN’s membership strategy. Working closely with HRFN’s Program Associate and the HRFN team, the membership director will help align our systems (Salesforce, annual renewals) with clear goals for inviting and retaining global membership. 


We are looking for someone who is a problem solver, strong communicator, comfortable making and holding member relationships (including with foundation leadership), and able to establish strong systems for organizing and implementing. We also hope to broaden our globally-based team and encourage applicants with experience in a range of membership organizations, social justice networks, and philanthropic networks. The ability to work across social, cultural, and political contexts with our staff, advisors, members, and social movement partners in the Global South, East, and North is essential.






Click here for more information or to apply. Please apply through via:

Application Deadline: 11 October, 2023.


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