Philanthropic Partnerships Manager for Staffing the Mission

Staffing the Mission's goal is to turn burnout nonprofit jobs into sustainable jobs by giving tools and support to funders and nonprofits on worker-friendly practices. Class Action is a national organization working to end classism and extreme inequality by building cross-class bridges. 


Class Action is an affirmative action contractor, committed to staff and consultant diversity. People of color, people from working-class and poverty backgrounds, LGBTQ people, immigrants and those in other historically marginalized groups are encouraged to apply.



In 2023 Staffing the Mission launched the Sustainable Jobs Toolkit and began offering Beyond Nonprofit Burnout workshops around the US to help funders and nonprofits apply the toolkit recommendations to improve nonprofit jobs. In the coming year we want to greatly expand this outreach. Here are three  2023-24 goals for the project and the related responsibilities of this position:


  1. Develop partnerships with philanthropy-supporting organizations (PSOs), foundations, and nonprofit associations to offer Staffing the Mission workshops and consulting.  

*The Philanthropy Partnerships Manager (PPM) will pitch the workshop to appropriate conferences and workshop series, as well as set up stand-alone workshops and consultations.

*The PPM will co-facilitate online workshops, as well as any in-person workshops in their own location or where travel is feasible.


  1. Greatly increase the traffic on the online Sustainable Jobs Toolkit and the number of nonprofits and funders acting on its recommendations.

*The PPM will leverage philanthropy and nonprofit networks to successfully promote the toolkit links via social media, newsletters, listservs, etc. 

*The PPM will pitch and/or create earned media coverage for the toolkit.

*The PPM will collaborate on expanding StM’s social media audience.


3.Substantial growth and organizational development of Staffing the Mission, possibly including affiliation with a new nonprofit home or fiscal sponsor.

*The PPM will assist in exploring future organizational arrangements for StM, for example if a transition from one fiscal agent to another happens, and may assist with transitioning systems (e.g., website, database) as needed.

*The PPM will research funding sources, including foundations and individual donors, and collaborate on generating proposals and requests, with a goal of raising enough money to expand the team by one FTE in 2025.



$50 - $70 an hour, as a consultant



Click here for more information or to apply. QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED TO APPLY:

*Demonstrated commitment to social justice; alignment with Class Action’s mission, vision and intersectional race/class/gender analysis of workplace issues;

*4+ years experience in program, management or development positions (or equivalent consulting) in the philanthropic &/or nonprofit sectors;

*Demonstrated track record at fundraising for nonprofits, including grant-writing and relationship building with donors and foundation staff;

*Excellent communications skills: social media; public speaking; writing; and/or media relations;

*Contacts in and/or exposure to Philanthropy Support Organizations, foundations and the philanthropy sector in general (not just as a grant-seeker); and,

Demonstrated competence at outreach, networking and organizing.

DESIRED BUT NOT REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS ((meriting the higher end of pay range):

*Involvement in one or more PSOs, such as Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP), Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO), Change Philanthropy, Justice Funders, Trust-Based Philanthropy, etc., and/or successful experience pressing for change towards equity in the philanthropy sector

*Professional knowledge of race/gender/class equity issues in nonprofit management, HR and/or compensation; knowledge gained through lived experience will also get positive consideration 

*Popular education workshop facilitation skills 

*Graphic design skills (such as Canva or InDesign)

*Track record with SEO and successfully building an online following

*Demonstrated program development skills, such as successes at turning a small program into a big one


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