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One Project is a team who believes in a future that is free, fair, and flourishing for all.

Together with communities who are inspired to break away from failed and oppressive economic systems, our work is to help the world imagine what comes after capitalism, then foster the collaborations needed to create it. We work both as an operating non-profit and a giving foundation, to support this work and the wider ecosystem in which it may thrive.

But it starts with a vision. Let’s begin with the radical notion that all human beings on the planet can have enough food, shelter, health care, access to information and education, meaningful work, and the general conditions to lead a satisfying life of their choosing, rooted in equity and justice for all. And, crucially, we believe this can happen as the natural world regenerates, making wildlife more abundant, the climate more stable, the air and water cleaner, and ecosystems more self-sustaining. While this may sound naive or idealistic, we believe that humanity can achieve this within our lifetimes. In fact, we must at least move substantially in this direction before the interwoven threats of ecological destruction, social instability, and unaccountable technology threaten to end civilization as we know it.

What we cannot do, however, is get there by relying on the same systems that have, over the last 50 years, increased resource use to almost twice what the Earth can support while leaving billions of people living just barely above subsistence level and global existential risks unaddressed. We believe it’s time to address the root causes of these crises, before their symptoms overwhelm our planet and all of us.

That is why One Project’s mission exists. We do this work in solidarity with people around the world who are rising, to fight, to build and to dream, and as part of a much wider movement — a movement that today goes by many names. We find inspiration in those working among the solidarity economy, mutual aid, cooperatives, commoning, participatory democracy, and in broader movements for equality and justice around the world. In the words of the Zapatistas, the future we seek is “un mundo donde quepan muchos mundos” — one world where many worlds fit.

It’s in this space between crisis and opportunity, through cooperation, imagination, solidarity and practicality, we believe another world is truly possible, and it is what we are working for, together, at One Project.


Are you passionate about systems change and finding ways to address the most pressing issues of our time? Are you a highly organized and proactive person looking to gain experience in philanthropy and deepen your understanding of grantmaking? 

One Project is looking for a Grants Assistant to join our team. You’ll work closely with and support our Grants and Partnerships team, providing administrative support and coordination across a variety of projects to create an exceptional experience for applicants and grantees grounded in clarity, ease, and equity. Ideal candidates will be adept at juggling multiple tasks and deadlines, with the ability to create and manage organizational systems to keep themselves and others organized. They will be able to anticipate needs and pivot quickly when new information or needs arise. This is a great entry-level role for an ambitious future-leader with the opportunity for deep mentorship and growth, in a groundbreaking organization doing impactful work.




Click here for more information or to apply. Please answer 3 short answer questions in place of a cover letter: 

What interests you about this role and about One Project?

What experience do you have working with grants and/or in an administrative or operational capacity?

One Project is an early-stage, ambitious initiative with a deep commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Tell us about how these values (you do not have to address each separately) have shown up in your life and work.


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