We work with people and communities to create enduring solutions for just societies and a healthy, resilient natural world. Over our nearly 60-year history, we have worked with thousands of organizations and leaders in the U.S. and worldwide to advance progress in the critical areas of science, ocean and land conservation, climate change, women’s reproductive health and rights, and the well-being of children, families, and communities. At a time of multiple, intertwined crises globally and here in the U.S., the Packard Foundation began in 2021 a long-planned review of our grantmaking strategies. The first step of our process was to rearticulate our vision and mission, reexamine our organizational values, and create a strategic framework that builds on and honors the Packard Foundation’s past while advancing justice and equity in all that we do.

OUR VISION: A just and equitable world where both people and nature flourish.  

Our new vision embraces a future where both people and nature flourish in a more just and equitable world. We explicitly acknowledge that the fate of people and the natural environment are inextricably linked. Solutions to the complex challenges we face must account for this interconnectedness. 

OUR MISSION: We work with people and communities to create enduring solutions for just societies and a healthy, resilient natural world. 

Our new mission takes on the critical work of addressing root causes of the challenges we face and mobilizing people for collective action. In addition to building on approaches that have guided our philanthropy for decades — working in partnership, committing to issues over the long-term, and grounding our work in science, knowledge, and data – we focus on understanding the systems that either accelerate or impede progress. It is only through just and equitable systems that we can find and sustain solutions to some of the biggest challenges we face today. 

OUR VALUES: Equity, Integrity, Belief in Individual Leadership, Thinking Big, Respect, and Effectiveness. 

In addition to clarifying our long-held values, we added equity. We will champion equity by treating people with dignity, honoring a range of ideas and perspectives from those closest to the issues, creating inclusive processes, and funding people who have been historically excluded to spur progress for all.  For more information, including our definitions of key concepts, please visit our website.


The purpose of the Office of General Counsel is to oversee all legal work for the Foundation, advise the Board and management, support grantmaking and other activities, and ensure compliance with tax laws governing private foundations. 


The Paralegal will assist with the day-to-day activities in the Office of the General Counsel and provide legal support to the Foundation’s program and operations staff, while preserving the confidential nature of meetings and documents. The primary responsibility of this position is to support the Office of the General Counsel with corporate governance, contracts, and compliance activities. This full-time position is a new addition to the Office of the General Counsel and supports the work of a growing legal team. 

To be successful, the candidate must have in-house transactional legal and/or law firm experience and experience in and knowledge of basic corporate documents, as well as strong project management and problem-solving skills, experience employing research techniques, and excellent verbal and written communication skills.  Additionally, the candidate shall be highly motivated, capable of self-direction, tech savvy, able to work well collaboratively as part of the team, as well as independently, and able to take initiative on projects and apply sound judgment when solving problems.  The candidate shall also possess a growth mind-set, unwavering work ethic, integrity, strong attention to detail, the ability to listen carefully, excellent organizational skills, and the ability to prioritize effectively. The Paralegal must also be comfortable interacting with employees at all levels in the Foundation and possess strong interpersonal skills.

At this time, the Office of the General Counsel comprises five individuals: the General Counsel and Corporate Secretary; a Deputy General Counsel; two Associate General Counsels, and an Operations Coordinator. The Office of General Counsel is responsible for managing the legal issues and the compliance program for the Foundation. We oversee all legal work for the Foundation, including advising the Board, management, and staff, supporting grantmaking and operational activities, and ensuring compliance with laws governing private foundations and our grantmaking in the U.S. and in foreign jurisdictions. 


The salary range for this position starts at $89,000 per year. 


Click here for more information or to apply. 

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