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Arabella Advisors helps foundations, philanthropists and investors who are serious about impact achieve the greatest good with their resources. We work on issues ranging from the social and economic advancement of women and girls, and conservation of our climate and planet, to reducing poverty and inequity in the United States and around the world. Our staff members are mission-driven and action-oriented, and have a unique combination of experience in philanthropy, business, nonprofits, government, finance, law, and other fields. We combine creative, strategic thinking with knowledge and networks developed through decades of hands-on experience. The fastest-growing philanthropic advisory firm in the nation, Arabella is also a certified B Corporation.  


Senior Director, Knowledge Management and Learning, Managed Organizations (Washington, DC, Chicago, IL, Durham, NC or San Francisco, CA) 

We are seeking someone who wants to take on a brand-new role building knowledge management and learning capabilities for a social impact business where staff expertise is the main ingredient of success. This position sits within Arabella’s Managed Organization’s team, which provides fiscal sponsorship services to nonprofit entities and related client projects working across the globe. Building upon existing structures, this leader will design and implement scalable strategies, processes, and systems to ensure dissemination of information to the right people at the right time. A leader in this role will be critical to improving the employee experience by paving the road for MO team members at all levels to manage their complex operational roles and grow in their careers. This role is key to ensuring we continue to make a significant and meaningful impact within the philanthropic sector in partnership with our clients.

This role’s primary initial goal will be to set the priorities and strategies for the aggregation and dissemination of information, while jumping in mid-stride to improve existing efforts.  This role’s incumbent will have the opportunity to build a team of specialists to support the execution of these priorities but will be initially supported by team members who have capacity dedicated to knowledge management and learning.  Additionally, this leader will be supported by IT and the firmwide L&D leader in HR. This role will report to the head of team operations.

This role is for a builder, scaler, and change-maker who is ready to work with a diverse set of stakeholders within Arabella and with our clients from across the philanthropic sector. Experience in knowledge management and adult/professional learning is needed.

Essential Responsibilities

General Strategy

Develop and implement a strategy – with success metrics – that integrates knowledge management and learning and addresses key gaps in both.

Connect the strategy to the firm’s and MO business’ strategies and model, including anticipating and acting on future business needs that a knowledge management and learning strategy will need to address.

Lead change management initiatives related to the knowledge management and learning strategies, including for MO staff, the IT team, the Business Development team, and clients.

Develop and implement a budget, along with business cases for investment of funds.

Build, manage, and support knowledge management and learning teams to drive the outcomes of the knowledge management and learning strategies and related functions.

Identify, recommend, and lead the build-out of relevant IT systems.

Build the roster of, work in partnership with, and manage external consultants to support the advancement of the knowledge management and learning strategies.

Participate in knowledge management and learning communities of practice across the firm.


Knowledge Management Leadership

Identify needed team and role competencies necessary to achieve business outcomes, and develop a functional and related knowledge management program.

Implement knowledge management and sharing processes and systems that increase knowledge availability, through the lens of self-service and self-sufficiency.

Partner with internal teams to identify knowledge that team members need to know throughout different stages in their employee lifecycle and make it accessible.

Work across MO to develop and implement tools, reports, dashboards and databases that will improve program, technical and operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Improve the ease that knowledge is distributed and searchable across MO.

Develop and implement guidelines and expectations for how the team creates, maintains, and accesses knowledge and resources.

Identify best knowledge management practices and leverage existing technology (e.g., SharePoint, Salesforce) or secure new technology to create new and better systems and business intelligence forums.

Engage staff as active participants in updating knowledge management systems and processes with relevant information.

Support subject matter experts in distributing their specialized knowledge across MO.

Implement processes and technology systems that minimize continuity disruptions caused by institutional and project knowledge leaving when team members depart.

Support coordination of how MO business policies and processes are changed and shared.

Learning and Development Leadership

Identify needed role competencies within the team necessary to achieve business outcomes, and develop a team-based learning program to support staff development.

Develop a structure that best positions staff to develop the skills that are appropriate to their role and where they are in their Managed Organization’s career lifecycle.

Create an efficient and effective onboarding program that targets optimizing new team members in their roles as quickly as reasonable.

Develop and manage skills training for team members by level and services provided.

Build curricula to ensure staff at all levels have the right knowledge and skills to competently deliver core services.

Develop and leverage experiential learning programs– including shadowing, role playing, and sandboxing – to increase learning outcomes.

Work the firmwide learning and development (L&D) leader in the usage of and further development of our learning management system (LMS).

Use self-service (including within the LMS and across other available technology solutions) and interventions (e.g., video training, flow charts) to systematize and foster efficient learning.

Create a development pathway, in coordination with HR, that clarifies how a team member can grow from level to level.

Develop and convey effective learning and development standard operating procedures working within the firmwide blended L&D function.

Share adult learning and facilitation expertise with those team members responsible for MO training.

To Be Successful in This Role, You’ll Need:

Bachelor’s Degree, certificate, and/or related experience in knowledge management, Six-Sigma, process improvement, learning and development, and/or adult/professional learning.

10+ years of work experience with steadily increasing responsibility.

Experience in a professional service environment preferred.

Experience in the nonprofit or social sectors preferred.

Experience in designing, implementing, and leading knowledge management and learning strategies, including related interventions and programs.

Experience in knowledge management and learning best practices and technologies.

Ability to lead and deliver complex projects, manage budgets.

Experience leading transformational changes and effectively advocating for new ideas.

Experience scaling a team and function.

Experience leading a function in a 250-500 person organization.

Exposure to user experience design.

Ability to manage and lead complex projects, manage budgets, oversee and delegate to others, and meet deadlines.

Ability to manage various stakeholder groups and be a collaborative partner.

Good active listening skills and a willingness to engage with people on a regular basis.

Salesforce and SharePoint experience.


Click here for more information or to apply. How to Apply 

Submit a resume and a one-page cover letter online. The cover letter should address why you’re excited to work at Arabella and why you’re qualified for this specific job.  

Arabella Advisors is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to racial equity. If we can make the application process easier through accommodation in the recruitment process, please let us know.  

We encourage you to read (or listen to) our DEI statement prior to applying.  We make a particular effort to recruit people of color and members of marginalized groups to apply for open positions. Once you have applied, we welcome your feedback on how you have experienced our values around DEI in the recruitment process. 

While Arabella is open to individuals from various locations applying to join our team, please note that we generally are unable to pay for relocation expenses, and, except in rare circumstances considered on a case-by-case basis, all applicants must already be legally eligible to work in the United States at the time of application to be considered for this position. 

We will review applications as they are received and look forward to hearing from you. 



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