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The Michigan Health Endowment Fund, or the Health Fund for short, was created through Public Act 4 of 2013, which authorized certain changes on how Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) operates. The law requires BCBSM to contribute up to $1.56 billion over 18 years to a health endowment fund that benefits Michigan residents, and specified that the fund should focus on children and seniors, with funding in eight areas:

Behavioral health

Health services for foster and adopted children

Access to healthy food

Wellness and fitness

Infant mortality

Technology enhancements

Health-related transportation

Foodborne illness prevention

Our mission is to improve the health of Michigan residents, with special emphasis on the health and wellness of children and seniors, while reducing the cost of health care.


We’re seeking a communications generalist who balances a passion and knack for storytelling with the technical skills to produce polished content in support of our mission, our priority issues, and the incredible work of our grant partners. Expand on your foundation of knowledge working for an experienced mentor and expert in nonprofit and philanthropic communications. 




Click here for more information or to apply. Submit your resume and a cover letter or responses to these three questions to [email protected]

  1. What’s interesting to you about this position? How does the position fit into your career goals? 
  2. Describe an instance where you had to learn a new communications skill or tactic in order to do a good job on a project. What was the challenge? How did you figure it out?  
  3. What part of the position are you least comfortable with? Why? 

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