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Girls Inc. inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. Our comprehensive approach to whole girl development equips girls to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers and grow up healthy, educated, and independent. These positive outcomes are achieved through three core elements: people - trained staff and volunteers who build lasting, mentoring relationships; environment - girls-only, physically and emotionally safe, where there is a sisterhood of support, high expectations, and mutual respect; and programming - research-based, hands-on and minds-on, age-appropriate, meeting the needs of today’s girls. Informed by girls and their families, we also advocate for legislation and policies to increase opportunities for all girls and address the systemic barriers that impede girls’ success, particularly girls in low-income communities and girls of color. 


Girls Inc. of Chicago has an exciting opportunity for a Full Time Lead Facilitator. The Lead Facilitator is often the main point of contact at one of more sites and is responsible for implementing and adapting a wide variety of enrichment activities for grades K-12th, year-round, during the school year and during out-of-school time hours. Lead Facilitators will be responsible for leading instruction, and curriculum-based content for hands-on/minds-on activities and discussions designed to increase knowledge, strengthen self-confidence, and cultivate communication and other pro-social skills. The Facilitator will be responsible for coaching instructional and part-time facilitators, the daily implementation of school-based activities, and cultivating relationships with school staff – aligned to supporting girls.

Girls Inc. of Chicago Youth Programs may take place during the school day, during afterschool hours, spring break, summer break, and on weekends. Additionally, the Full Time Lead Facilitator must be open to delivering programs in either a virtual or in-person environment.

Lastly, all Program Facilitators support Girls Inc. of Chicago by participating in organization-wide initiatives, as needed, to help ensure that all employees are serving as visible and effective leaders and advocates for Girls Inc. of Chicago.




Click here for more information or to apply. 

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