Senior Associate (Climate Solutions)

CEA is seeking a Senior Associate to primarily support climate-related engagements with our philanthropic clients. The successful candidate will lead the day-to-day management of complex consulting engagements including large environmentally focused foundations, family offices, NGOs, impact investors, and bilateral and multilateral agencies.
Our work environment is collaborative, intensive, and requires intellectual rigor; excellent interpersonal and communication skills; strong research, analysis, and writing capacity; an ability to synthesize findings from a range of different kinds of information; independence; project management; attention to detail; and a passion for climate solutions and environmental issues. This position will interact with leaders in the philanthropic field, and the work will intersect a wide range of environmental issues.

The Senior Associate role at CEA allows for significant flexibility in terms of leadership and project types. Depending on previous experience, interests, and client needs, Senior Associates can operate in many professional capacities. We are often in an advisory role, providing strategic guidance and support. At times, we work very closely with our clients, even serving functionally as Program Officers or Managers.

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