Racial Justice Program Officer

About our Racial Justice Program
Foundation for Louisiana envisions a Louisiana in which all people are free, respected, and loved. We’re working towards a Louisiana in which all people live in thriving communities connected to opportunity and choice, in harmony with our land and waters, and in the full light of a reconciliation with our past. This dream is built on a foundation of freedom from social, economic, and ideological violence and it is one we are committed to building together. Racial justice is at the very core of this dream and of our work. It is the north star of our organization as well as a specific program. Our Racial Justice program advances racial justice by disrupting structural racism, forging pathways to healing, expanding opportunities for communities of the global majority, and building the capacity of leaders of the global majority to effect lasting change.
We define racial justice as the liberatory and transformational vision of what society could be and must become once we eliminate racial hierarchies, advance collective liberation, and make certain that people of the global majority have the resources, dignity, power, and self-determination to thrive. We define racial equity as the enactment and reinforcement of policies, practices, attitudes, and actions that produce power, access, and opportunities and for all in ways that reflect the impact of historical and contemporary disparities that exist because of race. The racial justice program scaffolds its work on a healing justice framework which we understand as an approach to ensuring physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental wholeness and well-being grounded in naming the way systems have been designed to marginalize and disenfranchise based on a false hierarchy of human value.

Who You Are
The role involves strategy development, facilitation, communication, relationship-building, and writing. The successful applicant should be adept at working with and across diverse audiences in a way that facilitates the full and equitable participation of all people.
You may have experience as an organizer working on the frontlines of racial justice, or you may have experience working in a non-profit on any number of issue areas. Ideally, you will be familiar with grant-funded work in social change settings, either as part of a grant-receiving organization or as part of a funding entity. Regardless of where you are coming from, you have a deep passion for and wealth of content knowledge regarding various issues and areas of practice within racial justice. You are comfortable working in complex, frequently shifting contexts and approach your work in a deeply values-centered way. You are able to take and give meaningful feedback, to challenge and be challenged in ways that are generative and productive, and you approach your work with a deep commitment to learning and reflective practice. You are okay with ambiguity but understand the value of clarity; can see, celebrate, and uplift small victories while engaged in generational fights; and are dogged in your belief that a better future is possible.

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