Integrated Capital Officer, Restorative Economies Fund

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the responsibilities of the Integrated Capital Officer will fall in the following areas:

Management of Integrated Capital Investment Portfolio (50%)

Ensure complete bi-annual reports are provided to and received by our donor-advised fund provider for each borrow in a timely manner.

Review bi-annual reports to assess the financial and operational health of each borrower, and follow-up to receive responses to any questions or concerns about the materials provided.

Prepare a bi-annual report of each organization summarizing compliance with the loan agreement and assessment of impact.

Evaluate portfolio-wide performance based upon analysis of bi-annual reports.

Contribute details of portfolio assessment to data tracking and storytelling for the Restorative Economies Fund.

Present portfolio updates to the REF Team, Staff and the Board as required.

Make amendments to loan documents and notes to credit files as needed.

Conduct research and analysis on trends, gaps, and general observations about the overall qualitative and quantitative performance and impact of REF’s investments.

Relationship Management (15%)

Alongside the Chief Investment Officer, conduct periodic check-ins with our portfolio community to assess the current state of business, including the social and economic conditions of the communities being served and organizational needs where Kataly may be able to provide or facilitate support.

Participate in funder briefings to capture critical updates and advocate for each borrower.

Identify impact stories to share the Kataly Foundation team and the field in consultation with the Managing Director, REF, and Director of Communications.

Participate in events hosted by ecosystem partners to maintain a current awareness of the state of the field and build strategic partnerships to support the work.

Loan Underwriting (20%)

Assist Chief Investment Officer in underwriting and closing new loans, which includes, but is not limited to (30% of overall scope):

Assessing community risk;

Assessing financial risk;

Reviewing financial statements and impact reports;

Tracking the status of underwriting

Ensuring items on the due diligence checklist are received in a timely manner

Preparing sections of the credit memo

Proofread and final preparation of credit memo and materials necessary to share with donor advised fund for underwriting.

Grants Administration (10%)

As required, support the REF Program Officer with new grantee inquiries and managing the grants waterway.

Support the REF Program Officer in preparation of grant memorandums for review, discussion and approval.

Participate in the decision-making meetings for new grantees.

Contribute to special projects for grant administration as required.

Operations and Administration (5%)

Identify and develop systems to improve upon current processes.

Contribute to annual and period budget goals for the Restorative Economies team.

Contribute to database management in Salesforce.

Collaborate with Kataly team members on projects when appropriate.

Contribute to the development and well-being of the REF and broader Kataly team culture.

The Integrated Capital Officer must be located within the San Francisco Bay Area within the first six months of employment at Kataly Foundation.


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