Individual Giving/Major Donors Manager


Over the past couple of years, the Development Team has undergone major shifts in philosophy and approach to fundraising. Leaning into the tenets of Community Centered Fundraising, Resource Mobilization, and the Racial Equity and Liberation work held throughout the organization, we see the role of development in Forward Together and Forward Together Action as a team of resource organizers/mobilizers who can build power and transfer wealth to our communities. The approach of the department is to 1) deepen and develop authentic relationships with funder partners so we can build with other grantees for collective power; 2) build with our individual donors so we can deepen relationships and become their political home; and 3) work with other development people in an organizing/power building stance so we can strengthen the movement to transfer wealth and shift power.

As the Development Team re-orients its purpose from fundraising to a more expansive vision of resource mobilization, the Individual Giving/Major Donors Manager will partner with program teams to organize Forward Together/Forward Together Action's grassroots and monthly donors and deepen their participation in movements for social justice.

The Individual Giving/Major Donors Manager plays a key role in managing the growth and sustainability of our organization through integrated programmatic fundraising, building relationships with donors, designing and implementing direct donor organizing initiatives, making personalized fundraising asks, managing phone banks and researching prospective donors. The Individual Giving/Major Donors Manager will leverage the relationships they hold with program teams and donors to research and test a series of pilot initiatives to engage donors beyond charitable giving and towards transformational relationships with social justice movements, including but not limited to: donor education events, program-Devo collaborations, Giving Circle pilots, and/or phone/text conversations with donors.

The Individual Giving/Major Donors Manager plays a key role in managing the growth and sustainability of our organization by supporting the Major Gifts stewardship in partnership with the Executive Team with content, scheduling, logistical and data support. The Manager is responsible for building relationships with donors, making personalized fundraising asks, researching prospective donors and supporting logistics for fundraising/donor cultivation events.

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