Learning & Evaluation Officer

The Foundation is pleased to announce the position of Learning & Evaluation Officer. The Learning & Evaluation Officer plays an integral role in helping the Foundation assess its progress and impact, and supporting staff in using evaluative thinking, evidence and learning practices to accelerate progress towards the Foundation’s work of bringing health in reach for all Coloradans. This position is a key member of the Foundation with responsibility for supporting teams around the development and refinement of strategy, designing and managing a portfolio of evaluation projects to assess strategy, and facilitating learning across time.

At the Foundation, we believe that keeping equity at the heart of our work is necessary for improving the health of Coloradans. That starts from within, including intentional application of diversity, equity, and inclusion practices that guide how we operate and work in communities across Colorado. For example, our cornerstones are designed to help ensure that:

  • We serve Coloradans who have low income and have historically had less power or privilege.
  • We are informed by the community and those we exist to serve.
  • We do everything with the intent of creating health equity.

Ideal candidates will connect with our mission and cornerstones and proactively identify opportunities to advance our mission while remaining grounded in the day-to-day responsibilities. They will have expertise in leading the design and implementation of a broad portfolio of evaluation projects intended to inform strategy, a strong background in engaging with staff who have varying levels of experience with evaluation and learning, put equity at the heart of the work we do as a team, and have the ability to thrive in a rapidly changing work environment. They will be able to integrate concepts around strategy formation, systems thinking, complexity, and adaptive/emergent strategy. Creative problem solving, critical thinking and effective communication are also a must.

Candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree, and demonstrate exceptional skills in evaluative and strategic thinking. A minimum of five (5) years’ experience leading the design and oversight of a portfolio of evaluation projects is required.

If you are an experienced professional who wants a unique opportunity to engage with learning, evaluation, and organizational strategy, you will want to visit www.coloradohealth.org for more information and information on how to apply. All applications require a resume and cover letter.

This position closes on June 30, 2019.

The Colorado Health Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer and invites qualified candidates from all backgrounds to apply.

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