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We’re the only organization that does what we do. We exist to serve and empower emerging leaders: the people who are building their roles in philanthropy today, and will one day be running philanthropies and nonprofits.

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$200+ Discount to EPIP National Conference
Scholarship Eligibility for EPIP National Events
Complimentary/Discounted Attendance to EPIP Chapter Events
Complimentary Attendance to EPIP Wednesday Webinars

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Host EPIP Webinars
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Access a National Network of Change Makers
Get Involved in the Broader Field through our Partnerships
Exclusive Access to EPIP Online Community “MEMBER CONNECT”


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Why Join Us?

We develop and deliver unique and valuable programming that builds the leadership skills and knowledge base of emerging foundation professionals. We provide formal and informal career coaching, professional development, and other boosters for your career. We connect you with other EPIP members working across the field of philanthropy and nonprofits. We dissolve the boundaries that can make it difficult to start careers in philanthropy and grow within them.


EPIP | Change Makers for Good

Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP) is a national network of foundation professionals and other change makers who strive for excellence in the practice of philanthropy.

We are an inclusive group of highly skilled & effective change makers committed to working together to build a just, equitable, & sustainable society.

We provide a platform for our community

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Talk with others on a more meaningful level and make a difference in their lives.

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Practice leadership skills that will help to motive others to make an impact in the world.

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Put your skills to work by presenting and speaking to your peers, colleagues and community.

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Featured Posts

A Movement of Movements: Strategies for Promoting Equity through Grant Making

Posted on November 25, 2015

EPIP's People of Color Network (PCN) Delegation at the Policy Link Equity Summit was a rich and powerful experience for participants. Each participant was asked to share reflections on the experience at the conference and in the EPIP delegation through a blog post. Over the next few weeks we are thrilled to be sharing the thoughtful words, tips for integrating lessons learned into your work and individual reflections of our members. Here's a post from Jenna Zhang, Arabella Advisors

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Reflections on PCN from Donita Volkwijn

Posted on November 25, 2015

"I often think about the power of breath. As a singer, breathing is as close to life and death as one can get to actual life and death. Breathing life into a phrase is no metaphor. The perfect exhalation animates a lifeless passage and sends it scampering into the hearts of those who listen.  It is the difference between applause and silence, between being carried aloft or crashing, gasping to earth. And so my mind is sometimes caught in the rhythm of my lungs. The rise, the fall, the inhale, the exhale, the awareness of air as it is taken in and expelled.

...what happens when we reclaim the power of breath denied?"

Click here to read more from Donita Volkwijn.

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Gratitude for Members & Our PCN/Policy Link Equity Summit Reflections

Posted on November 25, 2015

Members are the beating heart and lifeblood of EPIP and as we prepare for Thanksgiving holidays, we are incredibly grateful for each and every one, whether you are part of an Institutional Membership or have joined on your own. In celebration of all our members, today we launch the publication of a series of blog posts written by EPIP's People of Color Network (PCN).

PCN 2015 convened as a delegation at the Policy Link Equity Summit was a rich and powerful experience for participants. 

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NYU Winter 2016 - Mini-Intensive For Grantmakers and Philanthropists!

Posted on November 23, 2015

The Academy for Grantmaking and Funder Education Presents...

Mini Intensive for New Philanthropists and Grantmakers

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