1. EPIP in NOLA: Session Descriptions

    New Orleans :: Three Cases of Community Revitalization Ashley Bowden, Cool Culture Historically, economic development and the arts and culture have been perceived as mutually exclusive. More recent conversations around community revitalization have put them in conversation with one other. This session will highlight community revitalization initiatives that seek to...

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  2. Tips on Building a Career in Philanthropy

    By Stephen Alexander, Program Manger, Exponent Philanthropy For career-minded professionals working in philanthropy—whether in program or administrative roles at foundations, philanthropy support organizations, consulting firms, or academic centers—the field can be a difficult space to navigate. Career paths tend to be limited and unconventional, and, although funders are making great...

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  3. New Resource Guide From EPIP LA

    There are so many great resources for the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors–from publications and research centers to academic and professional development opportunities. EPIP LA is happy to share this new, easy-to-use resource guide to help emerging foundation professionals be more effective in their work and more connected to the field....

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  4. How Toastmasters is helping me become a stronger communicator

    This post was authored by Alicia Barrett, a Trust Administrative Officer with U.S. Trust, Bank of America. Alicia is also a member of the Washington, D.C. chapter of Emerging Practitioners In Philanthropy. Being a strong communicator is a wonderful quality that every employer, friend and significant other wants you to...

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  5. MC MaL | Leadership & Management Resources

    This December, EPIP is highlighting the Measuring a Leader skills of Leadership and Management. Social change leaders: Direct individuals or groups to accomplish desired results Delegate appropriately, allocating resources as needed Emulate exemplary individual behavior and ethics Coach others when appropriate Which can be demonstrated by… Highlighting management experiences from...

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