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The purpose of Generating Change is to encourage and enable funders to increase support for talent development in grantee organizations and to build a healthy leadership pipeline for the nonprofit sector.

We encourage you to check out our online took kit for funders, that includes our framing paper and the corresponding case studies, videos and resources.

And we invite you to use the social media embedded on this site to ask questions, pose challenges and share the actions you take with your peers.

The MOST Critical Element of Success in Grantmaking

Foundations depend on strong, well-led nonprofit organizations to deliver vital services, shift policies and practices and transform communities.  Foundations are only as effective as the nonprofits they support, and nonprofits are only as effective as the people who lead them. Therefore, supporting effective nonprofit leaders makes perfect sense.

But supporting nonprofit talent and leadership development isn’t just about return on investment for grantmaking—it’s about sustaining and strengthening the people, organizations and the entire sector in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Generating Change calls on both funders and nonprofits to make talent and leadership development an integral part of their work.

It’s Time for Some Action

The Generating Change tool kit showcases the activities of funders who understand the importance of supporting nonprofit talent and leadership development and the impact that occurs when foundations engage. Funders of all types and sizes are featured in the tool kit, with approaches and investments that range from pinpoint interventions to national programs.

We created the tool kit to build on EPIP’s vision of a strong, well-defined pipeline for thousands of passionate, talented people with varied backgrounds and perspectives to enrich and strengthen the sector: people who will build diverse, meaningful, lifelong civic careers. These leaders, in turn, will strengthen the work of nonprofit organizations and their ability to improve society.

We encourage you to share the tool kit with colleagues and to download and share the Generating Change framing paper as well.

Our deepest thanks are extended to Putnam Community Investment Consulting for the creation of the framing paper and case studies, and to the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and Kresge Foundation without whose generous support this initiative would not have been possible.


UPDATE: The case studies contained in this tool kit were commissioned by Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy under the leadership of Rusty Stahl. We encourage you to learn more about Rusty’s current project: the Talent Philanthropy Project (TPP), where his now serves as President and CEO. EPIP and TPP are proud to partner to encourage and enable funders to increase support for talent development through the promotion of case studies produced by EPIP’s Generating Change program


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