Developing Leaders for a National Movement


  Increase the number of leaders of color in the LGBT movement


  Provide a customized, yearlong professional development experience specifically to meet the needs of rising LGBT leaders of color


  $140,000 over three years (part of a $475,000 annual budget)


  Participants who find their voice, learn new skills and gain courage to take advantage of leadership opportunities


  Gill Foundation, Pipeline Project

Why Invest in Leadership Development?

“We have goals and objectives for policy and behavior changes. We can’t achieve what we want without having strong organizations that can engage in any number of strategies and tactics. You can’t have strong organizations without strong leaders and deep benches. It’s fundamental. We get better organizations, better work product and more results.”

— Katherine Peck, The Gill Foundation


Download the DEVELOPMENT case study (747k).

Rashad Robinson isn’t shy about who he is or what he wants from his career. For a fast-rising, ambitious LGBT leader of color, that’s a good thing. But it also left him feeling virtually alone in terms of professional networks and peers.

As a newly promoted 26-year-old program director at the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), Robinson wanted to gain core leadership skills that would move him to the next level. “I’m very good at developing and executing campaigns; it’s what I was recruited for at GLAAD. But I didn’t want to remain a program director,” he says. “I wanted a broader skill set that would look more like an executive director’s to other people.”

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