Crisis Averted: Supporting Leadership Transitions


  Help a nonprofit in crisis manage executive transition for a successful turnaround


  Provide expert consulting support to help board and new executive director navigate the transition


  $40,000 for consulting services (Supported services from TransitionGuides and Community Wealth Ventures)


  Organization on the brink of closing is now sound and effective


  Annie E. Casey Foundation, Maryland Advocates for Children and Youth, TransitionGuides

Why Invest in Succession and Transition?

“The composition of talent in our field is changing daily. We need to be supporters of organizations that do the hardest work on the ground, and we must recognize infrastructure changes as critical. Our field historically sees professional development as a luxury, but you can’t address the toughest challenges without leaders to drive change.”

— Rafael López, Annie E. Casey Foundation


Download the TRANSITION case study (705k).

It’s cause for alarm for every funder: A trusted, long-term nonprofit partner organization comes to you on the verge of collapse. What do you do?

For the Annie E. Casey Foundation, this situation arose when Advocates for Children and Youth (ACY) in Baltimore, Maryland, lost considerable funding and was struggling with the departure of its CEO. “ACY is a key component of our Kids Count program [a national database of indicators on the well-being of children]. They are an important partner in our work and help keep issues surrounding Maryland’s vulnerable children and families in the forefront,” explains Rafael López, the foundation’s associate director of talent and leadership development.

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