1. EPIP in NOLA: Session Descriptions

    New Orleans :: Three Cases of Community Revitalization Ashley Bowden, Cool Culture Historically, economic development and the arts and culture have been perceived as mutually exclusive. More recent conversations around community revitalization have put them in conversation with one other. This session will highlight community revitalization initiatives that seek to...

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  2. New Resource Guide From EPIP LA

    There are so many great resources for the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors–from publications and research centers to academic and professional development opportunities. EPIP LA is happy to share this new, easy-to-use resource guide to help emerging foundation professionals be more effective in their work and more connected to the field....

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  3. Building Community Capacity – A Role for a Modern Philanthropic Sector

    This guest post was authored by Ryan Ginard. Ryan works for The San Diego Foundation, where he builds capacity for the Malin Burnham San Diego Center for Civic Engagement through the Civic Leadership Fund, and supports the development and implementation of the Legacy League and Nonprofit Planned Giving Partnership program. Ryan...

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  4. Giving and Receiving

    This post was authored by Alison Hastings.  Alison is an urban planner, a food system thinker and a people person.  She’s also an EPIP member in Philadelphia. There’s no denying that we’re in the midst of the holiday season and earnest end-of-year donor appeals from many nonprofit organizations.  Of all...

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