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Get Off the Sidelines and Flex Some Leadership Muscle!

Emerging professionals want to get off the sidelines. Our members want to participate in efforts that lead to meaningful change in communities we care about. Many of us are naturally talented, innovative, and creative but we all also need to be intentional about continually developing our skills and putting those innate capacities to work. EPIP wants to make sure that we push ourselves as a community toward skill attainment so that we can have the greatest impact within the communities we serve.

EPIP members are committed to building a just, equitable, and sustainable society. In order to achieve these large goals, we need to develop the necessary skills to be an effective leader and change maker. Together with human resource professionals, we created a list of skills vital to EPIP member leadership development.

Emerging leaders should have strategic & analytical, leadership & management, communications, and fundraising skills. EPIP leaders should gain experience with decision-making, influencing others, innovating & problem solving, and social justice & racial analysis. We encourage our members to develop self-awareness and empathy, understanding that our personal histories influence our worldview.

EPIP encourages our members to actively seek opportunities to develop these skills. We want you to ask for new projects at work, volunteer in your community, and participate in trainings to build your expertise. We want you to tell stories of how you are gaining experience and building skills. These stories will add to our network’s collective knowledge of how emerging professionals lead by doing. EPIP will be there to help you along the way.

You can begin by sharing your experiences with the EPIP network through written blog posts and trainings you facilitate. Collective leadership and social change are not just about developing skills, but leading from where you are. Take some time to contribute to the greater EPIP community by writing about:

  • Your opinion of future trends in philanthropy or issues that interest you.
  • How mentoring a work colleague or community member, such as a student has impacted your work.
  • How you use social media to connect with partners to problem-solve.
  • Your comfort level in speaking about issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and age.
  • How you stepped up to the challenge of developing your leadership skill set, and what you learned from the experience.
  • How these experiences prepared you to tackle the societal problems we are facing.

Start today!  Send your blog posts and webinar ideas to Michael@epip.org.





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