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EPIP-NY Releases its 2011 Annual Report

Today, the EPIP-NY Steering Committee released its 2011 Annual Report. The report is rich with detail about the chapter’s many accomplishments and its progress on existing work. An excerpt from the executive summary:

New York has a unique place in the universe of the social justice field. It is home to some of the world’s most influential change-makers – from the United Nations and other international organizations, major multi-national corporations, and thousands of non-profit organizations, including philanthropies. The “Occupy” movement and the subsequent national discussion that it inspired have their origins in New York.  Anyone interested in impacting social change is right at the center of action in New York City.

This year the EPIP-NY Chapter was committed to setting a long-term vision for the chapter. We’ve restructured our sub-committees to better serve the chapter. We folded in our member services to the new Leadership Development committee. This is in part because we believe the best service we can provide to our members is by supporting all facets of Leadership Development. This committee focuses on engaging all participants in our membership cycle, from prospective member to alumni, in targeted and strategic ways. We have also included an emphasis on establishing external partnerships to the role of the networking committee. Secondly, we engaged in a strategic planning process for the chapter, setting long-term goals and objectives for each sub-committee. Lastly, our communications committee introduced new marketing and publicity measures to keep all of our members and supporters informed. We believe these efforts will increase our value to our members and local impact.

This year, we learned that our chapter plays a significant role in retaining new entrants in this field. An engaged member sees the opportunities the field provides and remains committed to developing their career. We’ve learned to challenge ourselves to provide new and unique ways to grow while holding on to the tools and programs that we know work. We’ve learned that smaller is sometimes better and witnessed the great responses to our Emerging Leaders Luncheon and Informal meet-ups. Along with all that we’ve learned, we continue to recognize our responsibility in supporting the professional development of our members by providing leadership opportunities at all levels of planning and execution.

To read the rest of the report, click here.

Please share this link with anyone who may be interested in EPIP and the New York chapter. And thank you to all of our members and allies for your continued support of the organization and our local team!

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