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2012 National Conference: workshops by time slot: Thursday 3:30

Thursday, April 26, 2012, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Re-engaging the Best Nonprofit Leaders

ŸWhere do our best nonprofit leaders go after they leave their posts? Why is it important to keep them engaged in the sector? Whether it’s a mid-career switch or retirement, veteran leaders represent a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that we don’t want to lose. This session takes a look at some different ways in which purpose-driven leaders can find meaningful work and service opportunities after they leave executive leadership positions.  Discover new ways to re-engage former leaders as board members and high-performing volunteers, or as paid professionals in satisfying “encore careers.” Bring your questions and creative ideas.  We’ll bring new information to help us all think about second careers, purposeful retirement and the implications for our foundations and ourselves.

Session Designer(s): Anne McEnany, International Community Foundation; Kris Putnam-Walkerly, Putnam Community Investment Consulting, Inc.

Presenter(s): Stephanie Clohesy, Clohesy Consulting; Nancy Fuhrman, Chicago Executive Service Corps

Program Track: 1

Attracting Our Sector’s Future Leaders

We can’t all work forever. Who’s going to assume leadership in the nonprofit world? Despite the perception of less pay and fewer perks, today’s young adults are hoping for careers filled with deep meaning and purpose. Come learn about two engaging programs that give college students a hands-on, real-life experience in nonprofit organizations and hear what happens when they discover that our sector can provide the career of their dreams.

Session Designer:  Betsey Russell, Putnam Community Investment Consulting

Presenter(s): Tim Ifill, Philly Fellows; Art McDermott, Point Foundation; Trish Tchume, Young Nonprofit Professionals Network; Libby Walsh, The Philadelphia Foundation

Program Track: 1

Colleague, Mentor, Sage, Advisor: Developing Your Inner-Circle

Successful careers don’t happen in isolation – we all need people around us who can offer guidance and expertise in the face of professional challenges. Hear from panelists about how to create a support system that allows you to have the honest conversations needed to help you set and realize your professional goals and learn from your failures. Attendees will also do small group work to begin the process of considering their current and future needs, determining who is already in their network and seeing gaps, and the process of creating authentic relationships.

Session Designer(s): Melissa Johnson, NAACP; Russ Finkelstein, Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy

Presenter(s):  Trista Harris, Headwater Foundation for Justice; Alison De Lucca, Southern California College Access Network; Marta Segura, Council District 13, City of Los Angeles; Christine Tran, Blue Shield Foundation

Program Track: 2

Owning Your Power As A Funder and Using It In Ways That Benefit Your Grantees

Foundation employees often find themselves working within difficult power dynamics while they work with their grantee partners. While this power dynamic is external to our organizations, navigating it is critical to meeting the foundation’s mission. This session will help you own your power and offer ideas on how to use that power in ways that benefit the nonprofits you fund while creating the impact you are striving for.

Session Designer: Mike Goorhouse, Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland Area

Presenter: Mike Goorhouse, Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland Area; Trish Tchume, YNPN National

Program Track: 3

Identifying & Facing Tensions in the Philanthropic Sector

The philanthropic sector, perhaps like other sectors, is full of contradictions and paradoxes, which translate to the grantmaker as tensions. These tensions are sometimes palpable, and at other times are matters of conscience, or a feeling in ones gut. Regardless of their form, they are unavoidable and are a part of this work. This session will engage participants in a dialogue about personal tensions, institutional tensions and universal tensions, and will be led by a diverse set of field leaders who will share their experiences and how they navigate these tensions.

Session Designer: Marcus Littles, Frontline Solutions

Presenter: Tracey Greene-Dorsett, Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation; Marcus Littles, Frontline Solutions

Program Track: 3

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