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2012 National Conference: workshops by time slot: Thursday 11:30

Thursday, April 26, 2012, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Leadership Renewal for Long-Term Impact

Burnout. It’s something every nonprofit leader faces at one time or another, and its effects can be devastating on both the individual and the organization. The constant demands and pressures of running a nonprofit can take their toll in the form of diminishing performance, tunnel vision, or resignation from the field. But relatively simple strategies can help renew leaders and avoid burnout. Come here how a three month sabbatical program and a group retreat experience are giving individual leaders the rest, reflection and re-energizing time they need to not only become better leaders, but also to strengthen leadership capacity within their organizations.

Session Designer(s): Claire Peeps, Durfee Foundation; Betsey Russell, Putnam Community Investment Consulting, Inc.

Presenter(s): Claire Peeps, Durfee Foundation; Arturo Vargas, National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO); Holly Fincke, Windcall Institute; Elsa Barboza, Windcall Institute

Program Track: 1

Moving Up: Stories About and Strategies for Moving Up Within Philanthropy

As grantmakers we are often so consumed with doing the best work for our institutions and grantees that we don’t take the time to think strategically about our careers. This session engages participants with foundation staff that have successfully moved up within and across institutions to share their paths and what they have learned in the process. Participants will gain enhanced knowledge of strategies and tactics to successfully navigate your way to your ideal job in philanthropy.

Session Designer(s): Kimberlin Butler, Grantmakers for Education; Russ Finkelstein, Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy

Presenter(s): Caroline Altman Smith, Kresge Foundation; Kimberlin Butler, Grantmakers for Education; Dolores Estrada, The California Endowment; Erika Orsulak, Sustainable Path Foundation; Alicia Procello Maddox, Avery Dennison Foundation

Program Track: 2

Moving Out: Stories About and Strategies for Leaving Foundations and Philanthropy

While EPIP seeks to support our members in thriving in the philanthropic sector we do understand that people have reasons for leaving philanthropy. So, whether your position is coming to an end or you feel called to work elsewhere this session will inform about how make your most thoughtful and strategic transition. We will brings together foundation staff who have made successful moves into non-profits, government, consulting and corporate america to share what they learned in the process. Attendees will gain insights about transferable skills, strategies for networking and what participants do and don’t miss from their previous employment.

Session Designer(s): Darrell Scott, Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, Russ Finkelstein, Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy

Presenter(s): Michael Balaoing, New York University Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service; Charles Fields, The California Endowment; Cynthia Freeman, Community Partners; Nike Irvin, California Community Foundation; Edgar Villanueva, Leverage Philanthropic Partners

Program Track: 2

Power Dynamics within your organization

Every organization has its own unique set of power dynamics, which influence the work it is able to accomplish. This session will focus on two sets of internal relationships: trustee/staff and manager/employee. We will discuss strategies for making your ideas count regardless of where you fit in the power structure of your organization.

Session Designer: Mike Goorhouse, Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland Area

Program Track: 3

Your Foundation in Historical and Current Context

Do you recall your first days at your foundation? Did you feel like you had been dropped into an alien subculture? Probably so. That’s at least in part because, while many foundations do an adequate job of orienting staff to their own idiosyncratic culture, processes and mission, most are less adept at helping staff understand their foundation’s history. Nor do they typically guide staff understanding of where their foundation fits in the larger constellation of philanthropy. In other words, in terms of helping staff see and understand where they fit in the ecology of philanthropy, most foundations are “flying blind.”

This interactive introduction to the Philanthropology 1.0 curriculum will orient both new and continuing foundation staff to where their organization fits in the history and current context of US philanthropy. We’ll discuss donor intent, relationships among foundations, staff-grantee and staff- board relationships and how foundations build fields.

Session Designer and Presenter: David Morse, Civic Ventures

Presenter: Jasmine Hall Ratliff, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Program Track: 3

Accelerating Progress toward Diversity in Philanthropy

The D5 Coalition envisions a philanthropic sector where foundations draw on the power of diverse leaders to achieve lasting impact—forging genuine partnerships with diverse communities and increasing access to opportunities for all people. The D5 Coalition is focused on four strategic outcomes: diversity in leadership; meaningful action among more foundations; more funding for diverse communities; and improved research capacity to allow philanthropy to be more transparent about progress on diversity, equity and inclusion.

During this session, the D5 Coalition will engage participants in a conversation about what we know so far about diversity and organizational culture, and what unanswered questions we need more research to uncover. Participants will be asked to contribute to informing a framework for how organizational culture plays into building a diverse staff and Board, including the elements of organizational cultures that support diversity, equity and inclusion and strategies for nurturing organizational cultures that will lead to increased diversity, equity and inclusion in philanthropy.

Session Designer: Kelly Brown, D5 Coalition

Program Track: 4

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