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2012 National Conference: workshops by time slot: Friday 3:30

Friday, April 27, 2012, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Managing the Leadership Transition

No leader stays in place forever, and how a nonprofit manages leadership transitions can make the difference between launching a new era or simply plugging the leaks. Come learn how the Annie E. Casey Foundation, in partnership with succession planning consultants, helped one Maryland nonprofit turn a transition crisis into a springboard for ongoing success. You’ll learn how foundations can replace panic with planning and capitalize on the opportunities brought by changing leadership.

Session Designer: Rafael Lopez, Annie E. Casey Foundation

Presenter(s):  Angela Conyers Johnese, Advocates for Children and Youth;  Byron Johnson, CompassPoint; Rafael Lopez, Annie E. Casey Foundation; Becky Wagner, Advocates for Children and Youth;

Program Track: 1

Philanthropology 2.0: An In-Depth Look at Racial Equity Grantmaking

SJP 2.0 Racial Equity Grantmaking covers the basics: what is racial equity grantmaking? What does it look like? How can foundations advance social justice by explicitly working on racial equity. Through a contagious interactive workshop you’ll explore what racial equity grantmaking looks like, assess your own organization, and exchange best practices for advancing racial equity in philanthropic institutions. If you are looking for a fast paced, interactive workshop and a chance to talk further with peers about racial equity – this workshop is for you!

Session Designer and Presenter: Kalpana Krishnamurthy, EPIP Consultant Program Track: 3

Do Nothing About Me Without Me: Engaging Stakeholders for Better Results

Join Grantmakers for Effective Organizations to learn where philanthropy currently stands on authentically engaging stakeholders, including grantees, and becoming more connected grantmakers. We will explore the value of engaging diverse stakeholders in your grantmaking strategies, not simply as a “nice-to-have” but as a “must-have.” Drawing on recent research from GEO’s field study on grantmaker practice, we will share what staffed foundations are doing in this area and where opportunities for progress still exist. And, we will work together to come up with practical ways emerging leaders can encourage engagement and involvement within their organizations.

Session Designer: Andy Freeze, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

Presenter: Jason Twiss, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

Program Track: 4

Below lists seven 40-minute Mini-Sessions part of Program Track 2. Participants who choose this option will attend two of the sessions:

Managing Up: Communicating What You Need in the Workplace

Do you feel like your best ideas aren’t being heard? Are you struggling to articulate the kind of support that would help you do your best work? The session is dedicated to find the best ways to express what you want and need within your organization. Understand the needs and challenges of those around you so that you are more likely to meet with success.

Session Designer and Presenter: Cathy Wasserman, Self Leadership Strategies

Developing and Following Career Plans

No matter how reflective and self-aware you are in setting career goals they won’t be realized unless you find a way to ensure that you know the steps and manage your time well. Hear about how you can begin to prioritize and set aside the space to network, stay current on issues and research opportunities. Also, how to work to create realistic plans and be timely with deliverables for yourself.

Session Designer and Presenter: Kevin Flynn, Common Good Careers

Setting Short and Long Term Career Goals

There are so many things you can decide to do with your life. How do you begin to decide what you should do first or want to do most? This small group discussion will give you the tools to start the process of realizing your goals and understanding how to chart your way to making them happen.

Session Designer and Presenter: Judy Ford, Sunrise Consulting Co.

Graduate Education

Philanthropy is a field that respects credentials. Are you beginning to feel the pressure to pursue an advanced degree because your colleagues at work or your college classmates have them? Hear more about whether you need a degree, when is the right time to go to school, what to study, how to determine what is the best place to attend and alternatives to advanced degrees.

Session Designer and Presenter: Susanne Revutsky, Butterfly Careers

Expert vs. Generalist

There is increasing pressure to be specialized in philanthropy. Does this mean that everyone has to be an issue expert? Will I have to pursue a PhD to be taken seriously? Is there room for generalists? Where? Hear more about the future of philanthropy and who you need to be to have the opportunity to move up considering community, family, private and corporate foundations.

Session Designer and Presenter: Susanne Revutsky, Butterfly Careers

Drawing Digital Boundaries in an Always-On Workplace

Do you feel like you are working 24/7? Are you responding to work email on weekends, at the grocery store… maybe even from bed? As technology continues to erode the boundaries between “work” and “life,” we have to learn new strategies to maintain both our commitments and our peace of mind. In this session, we’ll identify simple, practical ways that you can stay on top of your work without living in your inbox.

Session Designer and Presenter: Sarah From, Do Your Best Work

Personal Workflow Management

Most of us are managing an enormously complex set of projects, tasks, meetings, and emails that represent a range of competing goals and priorities. How can you keep it all straight and move forward on what matters? In this session, we’ll learn strategies for managing a heavy workload so that you can work with greater clarity and ease.

Session Designer and Presenter: Sarah From, Do Your Best Work

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