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2012 National Conference: workshops by time slot: Friday 11:30

Friday, April 27, 2012, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Growing our Own: Strategies to Retain, Develop, and Advance Nonprofit Leaders

American Express is a national and international leader in supporting nonprofit talent and leadership development, both among its grantees and across the nonprofit sector. Learn why American Express believes strong nonprofit leadership is critical, and the variety of grantmaking strategies they use to support nonprofit talent development. In particular, this workshop will highlight efforts to help its grantees retain promising emerging leaders, develop their talent, and position them for senior leadership roles. The National Urban League, an American Express grantee, will discuss how it discovered its need to retain staff and fill leadership positions, its solution to create an Emerging Leaders Program, and the success of this program in creating a pipeline of the next generation of executive leaders.

Session Designer: Kris Putnam-Walkerly, Putnam Community Investment Consulting, Inc.

Presenter: Richard Brown, American Express; Adrienne Cochrane, Urban League of Greater Hartford; Wanda Jackson, National Urban League

Program Track: 1

Philanthropology 2.0: An Introduction to Social Justice Philanthropy

Get a sneak peak at Philanthropology 2.0 – EPIP’s groundbreaking social justice philanthropy workshop. Through a contagious interactive workshop you’ll explore the EPIP definition of social justice philanthropy, assess your own organization, and dive deeper into one element of SJP. If you are looking for a fast paced, interactive workshop and a chance to talk further with peers about social justice philanthropy – this workshop is for you!

Session Designer and Presenter: Kalpana Krishnamurthy, EPIP Consultant

Program Track: 3

Power, Values & People: Tools to Move Philanthropic Impact & Your Career Beyond Charity

This interactive session will challenge both seasoned and new philanthropic practitioners. Come discuss big ideas, tough questions, and specific strategies for the philanthropic sector and your career. First, we’ll learn how power and values shape every foundation. Second, we’ll consider what questions to ask and which people to bring to the decision-making table when defining problems and seeking solutions. Third, we’ll share quantitative and qualitative findings from NCRP’s research reports and discuss how grantmaking strategies can (a) provide charity for short-term benefits and needs, (b) address systemic roots of societal problems for long-term change, social justice, and high returns-on-investment, or (c) unintentionally worsen existing problems in broken systems. Last, we’ll apply what we learned by breaking into groups for an interactive exercise: given limited dollars, each group will select one high-impact grantmaking strategy to help solve a community-defined problem.

Session Designer: Christine Reeves, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Presenter(s): Christine Reeves, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy; Zeke Spier, Social Justice Fund Northwest

Program Track: 4

Unpacking the Leadership Toolbox: Tools for Advancing Your Career

Many times professionals land into a career without much planning. Deciding to pursue a career in philanthropy requires a set of practical tools from knowledge of grantmaking and foundation operations, to developing a strong network. As you climb the career ladder the tools you need and utilize become more complex and less tangible. Members of the inaugural cohort of Career Pathways, a 12-month leadership program that prepares mid-career professionals from diverse backgrounds to compete for and earn positions as philanthropic leaders, will share tools and methods they use to cultivate the individual, organizational, and field-wide leadership skills necessary for mid-career professionals.

Session Designer: Ericka Plater-Turner, Council on Foundations

Presenter(s): Fatima Angeles, The California Wellness Foundation; E. Thomas Brewer, Archstone Foundation; Ericka Plater-Turner, Council on Foundations; Latonya Slack, The James Irvine Foundation

Program Track: 4

Below lists seven 40-minute Mini-Sessions part of Program Track 2. Participants who choose this option will attend two of the sessions:

Managing Up: Communicating What You Need in the Workplace

Do you feel like your best ideas aren’t being heard? Are you struggling to articulate the kind of support that would help you do your best work? The session is dedicated to find the best ways to express what you want and need within your organization. Understand the needs and challenges of those around you so that you are more likely to meet with success.

Session Designer and Presenter: Cathy Wasserman, Self Leadership Strategies

Developing and Following Career Plans

No matter how reflective and self-aware you are in setting career goals they won’t be realized unless you find a way to ensure that you know the steps and manage your time well. Hear about how you can begin to prioritize and set aside the space to network, stay current on issues and research opportunities. Also, how to work to create realistic plans and be timely with deliverables for yourself.

Session Designer and Presenter: Kevin Flynn, Common Good Careers

Setting Short and Long Term Career Goals

There are so many things you can decide to do with your life. How do you begin to decide what you should do first or want to do most? This small group discussion will give you the tools to start the process of realizing your goals and understanding how to chart your way to making them happen.

Session Designer and Presenter: Judy Ford, Sunrise Consulting Co.

Graduate Education

Philanthropy is a field that respects credentials. Are you beginning to feel the pressure to pursue an advanced degree because your colleagues at work or your college classmates have them? Hear more about whether you need a degree, when is the right time to go to school, what to study, how to determine what is the best place to attend and alternatives to advanced degrees.

Session Designer and Presenter: Susanne Revutsky, Butterfly Careers

Expert vs. Generalist

There is increasing pressure to be specialized in philanthropy. Does this mean that everyone has to be an issue expert? Will I have to pursue a PhD to be taken seriously? Is there room for generalists? Where? Hear more about the future of philanthropy and who you need to be to have the opportunity to move up considering community, family, private and corporate foundations.

Session Designer and Presenter: Susanne Revutsky, Butterfly Careers

Drawing Digital Boundaries in an Always-On Workplace

Do you feel like you are working 24/7? Are you responding to work email on weekends, at the grocery store… maybe even from bed? As technology continues to erode the boundaries between “work” and “life,” we have to learn new strategies to maintain both our commitments and our peace of mind. In this session, we’ll identify simple, practical ways that you can stay on top of your work without living in your inbox.

Session Designer and Presenter: Sarah From, Do Your Best Work

Personal Workflow Management

Most of us are managing an enormously complex set of projects, tasks, meetings, and emails that represent a range of competing goals and priorities. How can you keep it all straight and move forward on what matters? In this session, we’ll learn strategies for managing a heavy workload so that you can work with greater clarity and ease.

Session Designer and Presenter: Sarah From, Do Your Best Work

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