1. Implicit Bias Affects All of Us in Philanthropy

    This post was authored by Chaletta Huertas, Program Officer at GMA Foundations, and appeared originally in the National Center for Family Philanthropy’s column, Voices from the Field. Historically, only a small percentage of philanthropic dollars goes to communities of color, goes to organizations led by people of color, or comes...

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  2. Reflections on EPIP’s People of Color Network Gathering

    This post was authored by Lydia Nylander, of the U.S. Department of Justice, who attended EPIP’s People of Color Network Gathering last month. For me, November in Boston usually generates thoughts of unconscionable temperatures and an abrupt introduction to hypothermia. However, I can only feel that the unseasonable warm weather...

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  3. PCN Gathering Recap

    On November 5th and 6th, EPIP held its People of Color Network Gathering (formerly, the Professional Development Fund or PDF) at Harvard University. For those of you who don’t already know, PCN offers participants access to professional development training and intergenerational learning opportunities, with the intent of diversifying and retaining people...

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  4. People of Color Network Gathering, this year in Boston in November!

    This year’s People of Color Network (PCN) Gathering will take place on November 5th and 6th in Boston. This is the 7th gathering of our members of color. PCN gatherings provide participants with opportunities to explore identity, race, and social impact. The content of PCN gathering itself is three-fold: 1) personal...

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  5. Wit and Wisdom: Reflections on EPIP’s People of Color Gathering

    In early February 2013, five members of EPIP Boston attended the EPIP National Professional Development Fund Conference held in San Francisco, below are their reflections. Those who attended were Jessica Baylor, EPIP Boston member; Nakisha Lewis, EPIP Boston Co-chair; Hehershe Busuego, EPIP Boston Steering Committee member; Andrea Forsht, EPIP Boston...

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