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Effective Leadership Career Program

EPIP members have careers that take them through foundations, nonprofits, government jobs, private businesses, academia, social enterprises and elsewhere. Four years ago, EPIP offered for the first time one-on-one career counseling and advising to members at the 2009 EPIP National Conference. This personalized approach to career support was of immediate interest to membership and was the basis to the 2012 launch of our coaching that supports life-long careers in civic leadership. Take a closer look at our career program below.

The need

EPIP has a proven track record of providing high-quality professional development, inter-generational learning, and mentoring at our conferences and chapters since 2001. A 2011 assessment of EPIP’s work by Putnam Community Investment Consulting found that 75% of EPIP members surveyed reported making positive contributions to their organizations as a result of their involved with EPIP. This includes becoming more confident in taking on more responsibilities and learning ways to do their jobs more effectively.

With this new initiative, EPIP will build on our experience to offer year-round career support for emerging foundation professionals. Our goal is to increase their effectiveness and social impact in their current jobs as well as in their careers moving forward. This program was made possible by seed support from Andrew Swinney, President, The Philadelphia Foundation.

To realize that goal, it is essential for new leaders to access professional development that increases their effectiveness and professionalism today, and helps them make strategic career choices moving forward, whether they stay in foundations or take their talents to other nonprofits, intermediaries, government or the academy. Emerging professionals who experience this type of support are more likely to succeed and make positive and lasting contributions to the institutions in which they work. Furthermore, 90% of our survey respondents indicated that they were very interested in receiving career coaching as a way to better themselves and the field.

Participant profiles

The following types of professionals have already participated in the program:

  • Professionals who are currently employed at spend-down institutions and need to plan for the future
  • Fellows working within philanthropic institutions who are not guaranteed full time positions post fellowship
  • Professionals who are currently employed at philanthropic institution but are serving in official time-limited positions (i.e. Program Associates who know they will need to find their next job after 2-3 years
  • Professionals who are currently employed at philanthropic institution but are serving in unofficial time-limited positions (I.e. its not official but rather known that Program Associates are asked to rotate out of the institution after a certain amount of time)

Program goals

  • Offer comprehensive support for emerging foundation professionals through year-round career-related programming
  • Expand support for employers by providing career support services for employees
  • Establish a high-value program that is powered by member interests, field-wide needs and is self-sustaining
  • Help Philanthropy think more deliberately about a career pipeline in and out of the sector, in conjunction with partner organizations, funders, and individual practitioners.

Program components

The following components are available within the program and are free for EPIP members:

  • Online career portal
  • Interactive in-person trainings at EPIP chapters and EPIP national events

Career Counseling Opportunity

Individuals and Employers can now purchase single sessions and packages of career counseling sessions directly through EPIP’s career coaches. As the program has grown, EPIP continues to expand and diversify its roster of coaches to allow for a dynamic team that is geographically, professionally, and demographically diverse.

Quotes and testimonials

We are fortunate that young people continue to want to join the nonprofit and philanthropic world with the passion and drive to make a difference.

As the baby boom generation currently in leadership positions across the nonprofit sector begins to retire, the need to identify and equip future leaders becomes critical. We must become more focused on providing a clearer path for advancement for our nonprofit leaders that transcends self-imposed barriers which typecast individuals early on as a “youth organizations manager” or an “arts leader” rather than seeing that each shares a skill set.

We must come to agreement on the necessary skills and provide a progression of opportunities for young professionals through which they can learn and apply the common proficiencies. We support Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP) because it performs an important and necessary role: intentionally attracting young professionals in the philanthropic sector who want to learn from experienced professionals and find guidance and mentoring for their own career journeys.

R. Andrew Swinney
President & CEO
The Philadelphia Foundation

As an emerging practitioner in philanthropy, I find value in unique opportunities to chart a career course of action. Clear that my next step was a job in education philanthropy, Russ offered critical feedback just one interview away from landing the job.

He strategically targeted my strengths and coached me to speak confidently about how I was the perfect fit within the culture of Grantmakers for Education as its new Program & Network Manager. I appreciate EPIP’s foresight to offer a professional coaching platform and look forward to seeing the fruit of Russ’ advice for years to come.

Kimberlin D. Butler, MPA
Program & Network Manager
Grantmakers for Education

Russ has been an incredible sounding board for me over the past several months after meeting him at an EPIP conference in April 2011. He is the best listener and provides terrific career advice. For me, Russ spun some challenges for me into solutions with such ease, and I’m extremely grateful to him.

With Russ, he brings a fresh outlook to professional development opportunities, and I look forward to growing our relationship for years to come.”

Melanie Damsker
Major Gifts Officer
Combined Jewish Philanthropies;
Co Chair of EPIP Boston Chapter

I first met Russ 5-6 years ago when I first started my career in conventional philanthropy. At that time I was enjoying my new challenge but had no idea where this new path would take me career wise. Russ was engaged by EPIP to provide career-coaching sessions to EPIP conference attendees.

At this first conference in Atlanta, Russ provided a great deal of insight on how I might use my strengths to further my career in philanthropy and what my future options might look like. Over the next several years, I was able to connect with Russ formally through EPIP engagement (and informally) as I was promoted at my foundation. He served as a constant cheerleader, guide, and at times, the voice of reality that I needed to hear.

When I reached my ceiling at my last job and was ready for a new challenge, Russ provided the most amazing support through this transition. I faced numerous challenges, fears, and questions about my career after 6 years of working at KBR. Russ was a solid resource – making himself available to review my resume, discuss career options, and to polish up my interviewing skills. He also helped me realize that I was actually a lot more entrepreneurial than I thought I was – his support and advice added to my comfort in leaving my job and starting my own philanthropic consulting practice.

EPIP has been an amazing professional development resource for me during early years in philanthropy. Their investment in career counseling – particularly with Russ – was worth every penny!

Edgar Villanueva
Leverage Philanthropic Partners;
Treasurer, National Board of Advisors, EPIP

Russ was so helpful in helping me get clear on my priorities for this job transition. When it came down to it, I wanted to stay on the career path I had committed to in graduate school, remain based in my current location, and wasn’t willing to reduce the time I spend with my daughter. Based on the greater sense of clarity he helped to establish, I secured a new job and know that I am at an organization that embraces work/life balance and flexible schedules.  As importantly, the work here allows me to go deeper into a functional expertise on my career path.

Anonymous EPIP Member

Career Coaching Rates

Rates for individuals

Rates for individuals paying out of pocket

EPIP members:
$85: 50-minute appointment
$400: five 50-min appointments (save $25!)
$800: ten 50-min appointments (save $50!)

$150: 50-minute appointment

Members are invited to review coach bios and contact coaches directly for scheduling and payment of appointments. Access is available through Member Connect (login required); non-members should contact us for more information.

Rates for employers

Rates for employers purchasing sessions for staff

EPIP members:
$125: 50-minute appointment
$575: five 50-min appointments (save $50!)
$1,175/ ten 50-min appointments (save $75!)

$175/ 50-minute appointment

Members are invited to review coach bios and contact coaches directly for scheduling and payment of appointments. Access is available through Member Connect (login required); non-members should contact us for more information.

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