Our Leadership Moments

Leadership Moments

We all have opportunities to make a difference in the world. Leadership doesn’t come from a job title. It isn’t conferred through an educational degree. Leadership comes from a willingness to meet today’s challenges in your community and the world at large.

Leadership moments happen when we’re planning them–through gatherings, conferences, and skill-building experiences–and when we’re not, through connections we make with people who inspire us.

In this gallery, we feature images of our work over the course of EPIP’s lifetime and celebrate some of our biggest (and most fun!) leadership moments. What are you doing to prepare for yours?

EPIP has just developed our list of skills necessary to be an effective leader working toward social change. Take a look to see how you measure up as a leader.


EPIP Perspectivesinspiration

In this series, our leaders share their insights on leadership and what it means to work within philanthropy.

Check out this perspective from EPIP member and leader, Christi Tran:

The smell of alcohol burns my nostrils, and the cold metal of the stethoscope unnerves me as it traverses my back. Still, I sit in silent confidence, my legs dangling off the edge of the examination table, my hands sticking to the paper I’m sitting on.

“So, Christine,” the doctor says, “looks like it’s time for your annual shot. Can you please turn around and take off your jeans for me?”

With cool self-assurance, I obey. My mom gasps. The doctor guffaws.

Earlier that morning, I had put Read more

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Images of our leadership moments:

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