Healing Spaces at Conference

Spaces for Healing and Rejuvenation 


Debuted at our 2016 Conference in Baltimore, Erika Totten, Spiritual Life Coach and Founder of Unchained Visioning returns to offer transformative healing spaces to prepare us for the road ahead. Erika and her team of practitioners will host several healing sessions in a healing space specially designed for conference attendees to inspire a reconnection to the emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical body.

Unchained Visioning's Self-Determined Liberatory Healing Space will be open for all conference attendees from July 31 - August 1, 2018. During open hours, attendees will be able to participate in 1-to-1 Soul Coaching Sessions, learn how to design a liberatory self-care plan, engage in art-making, and experience embodied movement through Qi Gong. 

Grounding & Co-Facilitation of the People of Color Network (PCN) Gathering: PCN Members will be the first to experience Unchained Visioning's healing space at the conference and during the PCN gathering, they will undergo a grounding invocation honoring their existence in the space, honoring the communities they uphold within their work and develop a shared vision for the People of Color Network within EPIP. This space will be exclusive to EPIP members who identify as persons of color; a sign-up list will be made available in the weeks to come. 

Healing Sessions will be made available during the conference as a means for participants to slow down and uncover some of the stress and trauma which often accompanies doing social justice and equity work. There will be a session for those who identify as Black, those who identify as non-Black persons of color, and for those who identify as White. Healing sessions will be limited to a set number of participants, and a sign-up sheet will be available on-site at the conference.  

Naming Your Chains & Setting Yourself Free 
This healing session will acknowledge and process the intersecting traumas and stress we’ve amassed over recent years (racism, sexism, anti-Blackness, queerphobia, transphobia, etc.), the oppressive idea that our worth is determined by what - or how much - we produce for other people and how that shows up in our lives, and how we can set ourselves free from every self-limiting belief/chain, projected or internalized, that doesn’t move us toward individual and collective liberation.

Human Ecology of Being 
This healing session is intended to deepen awareness of systemic, transgenerational harm that resides in our physical bodies, and our emotional psyches, and practice alternative ways of being that facilitate our wellbeing at individual and systemic levels. Specifically curated for this affinity group and will contain unifying themes of somatic, storytelling, meditation, and mapping.

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