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    Please send me an invoice for $150 individual membership. Thank you!

    Erika Cornelisen

    Senior Program Officer

    The Alvin H. Baum Family Fund

    500 West Madison Street

    Suite 3700

    Chicago, IL 60661
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    No one loves YOU more than Jesus! Homeless 5 plus yr’s; Google me: jeffreydavidmorris

    Huh, sad and unfortunate of my fellow homeless brother’s / sister’s out there, WHOM kindly need more ‘care’, misc than me; I AM EASY to assist and help get off the street’s and become housed.

    PLUS, there’s (below); huh, come people, please, I’d kindly like to NOT die homeless. I have been trying to network unto local – national human’s, homeless (related?) agencies, non-profit’s, organization’s, misc and ETC across the board. I’ve been trying to ‘reason’ kindly with you all for over 5 plus year’s, with no thus far housing securement discussion, misc. Sigh, please?

    I’m kindly asking, if your offering, for your help, hence, we can do this, let’s just try and have a discussion and see how we can make this happen. A nice little studio apt in a decent, safe neighborhood would be nice, and I do have my ie: studio apt size belonging’s safely secured in a Hermosa Beach 5′ × 9′ storage unit;

    And note, I don’t do bed’s, what I got is a personally, long time self bought Cot < 7’ long x 3’ wide x 2’ high, my own little TV, 3’ high little refrig and small microwave, misc belonging’s. I’d need though assistance with move-in cost’s and time available to find a a apt and doing the ‘move’ per driving, misc per a "UHaul’ as I do have a driver’s license. Thank you kindly and sincerely in advance, God bless and good day.

    No one loves YOU more than Jesus! Google me: jeffreydavidmorris

    Re: homelessness, me 5 plus yr’s – to date homeless and not why anyone thinks; I DID step / stand up, voluntarily involved with local residential, community neighborhood improvement per / via my own personal, individual spare time, energy AND $ money, and where’d that get me: Ruined, blacklisted and retaliated against.

    There’s vast, discussable deal’s ‘out there to be had’ per / via barter and housing in exchange for doing (?)‘. Even walked (as I’ve done in the past and know the place well) – “Lake Hollywood Reservoir”, 3.2 mile walk around; anyway, my point is, I’ve walked through and down some of those street’s throughout Hollywood Hills / 90068, HUH, the neglect and lack of upkeep on some of these home’s which (?) spent so much money $ for. Geez, I’d love to do a ‘room’, misc housing arrangement in exchange for low rent AND doing work around home, misc. SIGH . . . ya just don’t know enough. Wow.

    Past / Previous Accomplishments / Achievements;

    Homeless are NOT human financial commodities! Stop demonizing the homeless (generally speaking).

    Left HUD’s Section 8 housing program (8/2004 – 4/30/10), via civil code: 1942.5, besides all the stuff I did via voluntary tenant advocacy & the ’Martin Luther King Jr" thing – on a smaller scale =

    Ruined to homelessness (4/30/10 – current / present), though past voluntary, misc achievement’s and misc, though not even any – informed local ‘legal’ cared, misc to do anything, nothing; ME:

    Tenant advocacy on behalf of (22) plus low income tenant’s (some Section 8, some non) – whom, more less, imagined me doing the ‘Martin Luther King Jr’ thing but on a much, much smaller scale.

    I’ve past shown and exhibited – being involved with local community neighborhood, such as sole, self financially and voluntarily exercised physical labor with NO desired ‘lime light’, NOR financial reimbursement – from anyone. I deemed I, as a residential civilian, had a fellow responsibility to ‘step up’ and be involved, hence, my choice and of my own free will, thus, safer, clean, misc area.

    Networking with the normal community neighborhood standard of first point of contact with the local senior lead assigned community neighborhood “L.A.P.D.” Rampart officer: Matthew Zeigler, Basic Car 2A1,, on whatever local community neighborhood concern’s, misc, you know, generally speaking.

    Then there’s (what I was involved with) – As I just got tired of it being too dark, as I know same for other’s, even ill potential for night crime, but I covered & voluntarily paid for (7) night time light’s ie: additional residential community neighborhood outdoor lighting, via/per a civilian contract with “LADWP”– invoiced / billed $254 / bi monthly, on various wooden pole’s in (8/2004 – mid 2010). Post / after being ‘ousted’ from residential area, I simply returned local residential community neighborhood area back unto ‘The Darkness’ for which I found it, misc – (8/2004).

    Then there’s- “Tru-Green” landscape services, (Tree and shrub as well as grass/lawn spray treatment’s every 4 – 6/wk’s), under $50/mo I voluntarily covered – unto/atop of the old rental properties front yard landscape (which should have never been an issue, since owner lived off site and I was paying for it voluntarily and self $ financially).

    And additionally, I had a separate landscaper sole guy / man (John Winberry – come by every (3) month’s – ($80 each time) to do ‘weed trimming’, while I was behind the landscaper – sweeping and picking up freshly cut / trimmed landscape debris, hence, me – involved.

    And even then, in the rental building itself, during normal day time hour’s, periodically say, vacuuming each of the (3) floor’s – hallway’s, water/rag – wiping down hand rail’s, cleaning of window’s; huh, I should have been a manager, but I’m a loner, sole guy.
  • commented 2015-04-20 14:13:13 -0400
    Oops, sorry for all the emails. My employer, the San Francisco Foundation, will cover my individual membership. Can you invoice them for just one individual membership rather than for institutional membership? Thanks. Erika