1. How Toastmasters is helping me become a stronger communicator

    Being a strong communicator is a wonderful quality that every employer, friend and significant other wants you to have, but let’s face it, communicating your ideas clearly and persuasively does not come naturally (especially for the reserved folks like me out there). To learn how to become a better communicator,...

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  2. Webinar recap – Facilitation: Tools of the Trade

    December 3, 2014 EPIP/Exponent Philanthropy Webinar | Facilitation: Tools of the Trade Skilled facilitation is key for effective philanthropic leaders, whether you are raising money or giving it away. From staff meetings to board meetings, from grantee convenings to funder collaboratives, being able to confidently lead meetings of all types strengthens...

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  3. MC MaL | Leadership & Management Resources

    This December, EPIP is highlighting the Measuring a Leader skills of Leadership and Management. Social change leaders: Direct individuals or groups to accomplish desired results Delegate appropriately, allocating resources as needed Emulate exemplary individual behavior and ethics Coach others when appropriate Which can be demonstrated by… Highlighting management experiences from their current job Seeking opportunities to lead teams...

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