1. Upcoming Activities from EPIP National

    EPIP and our affinity-group partners are providing a number of services and offerings that may be of interest to you.  Feel free to sign up yourself or spread the word. Be engaged! Lead! Contents 1) Available Immediately: Online Launch of EPIP’s Member Connect & The Effective Leadership Careers Program (for EPIP members...

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  2. What’s EPIP? What does it mean to be “emerging”?

    We’re a national network of foundation professionals. We promote excellence in our members’ practice of philanthropy in communities and in the field at large. We are a learning, teaching, and networking organization. EPIP exists to ensure that all emerging foundation professionals reach their potential as leaders and stewards of philanthropic...

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  3. My new leadership moment

    Is this your leadership moment? We all have opportunities to make a difference in the world. Leadership doesn’t come from a job title. It isn’t conferred through an educational degree. Leadership comes from a willingness to meet today’s challenges in your community and the world at large. Today, I have...

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