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If you attended the final plenary of the JAG Unity Summit on Friday, June 7th, then you had the opportunity to participate in a live poll with Rahsaan Harris and your fellow JAG friends and colleagues. We extend our thanks to everyone who participated in the poll and we hope the following thoughts and ideas will inspire you to action. 


"Wordle" courtesy of Ben Francisco Maulbeck, President, LGBTQ Funders

“Wordle” courtesy of Ben Francisco Maulbeck, President, LGBTQ Funders

Rahsaan asked the audience if they understood the term “intersectionality”. Eighty-four percent (84%) responded “yes”, and sixteen percent (16%) responded “no”.

When asked “what one word describes the key barrier to intersectional action and collaboration?”, respondents answered with a variety of words, many choosing “fear” and “ego(s)”. Some other answers included: scarcity, pride, money, resources, ignorance, selfishness, competition, misunderstanding, and greed.

Finally, we had many interesting and unique responses to “Use six words to describe the potential of JAG’s future work”. There were so many great phrases, we will re-print them all here:

  • new paradigm for power, allocation, representation
  • intersectionality interracial power cooperation success inclusion
  • connecting leaders to infiltrate and disrupt
  • COF is JAG. JAG is COF
  • opportunity for all to reach potential
  • powerful and vast and equity focused
  • unity struggle unity; the struggle continues
  • infinite opportunities to connect powerful communities
  • radical transformation underlying notion “charity”/philanthropy
  • overcoming fear thru repeated effective interaction
  • collaboration shared fate deep impact cross sectoral
  • Inclusive collaboration, shared vision, analysis of equity
  • shared vision, power, change, engagement, authenticity & freedom
  • collaboration across identities to create equity
  • Prosperity is possible for all!
  • from many one
  • equal pay for equal work
  • Have more sessions that represent intersectionality.
  • bridge building innovation movement building organizing
  • unifying across the hemispheres
  • we can change the world together
  • diverse ownership of wealth and priorities
  • put a rainbow in the clouds
  • silo breaking possible with strategic thinking
  • Prosperity is possible for us all
  • more action oriented collaborations
  • radical intersectional action for the 99%
  • together we can push real change
  • breaking silos of issues  and identity
  • increase understanding, create a unified voice
  • Helping others understand humanity through empathy
  • making social justice central to philanthropy!
  • impactful, partnerships resources to those undreresourced
  • unleash the power of all people
  • Groundbreaking, life-changing, world-changing, significant,
  • transformative change thru celebration of difference
  • rewriting funder patterns by circumventing the old


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