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EPIP AWARDS 2013 – Call for Nominations

EPIP is a place for leadership in action. Our members learn by doing, therefore making a difference in their jobs and in their communities. Our chapters are guided by the brilliance and commitment of our chapter leaders, individuals volunteering their time to advance the EPIP mission while improving their leadership skills. Our network is a safe space for emerging practitioners in philanthropy to exercise leadership, to take risks, and to get feedback. It is a place for you, our members, to be seen and heard. As a platform, we hope to spark innovative problem solving to address the challenges our world faces. Our voices are diverse within the field, and we are future thinking. As a community, we point to the horizon where problems will be solved.

These awards lift up the work and the voices of our network. Please take a moment to nominate your colleagues. Click on this link to do so.

Awards will be announced at the EPIP National Conference in Chicago on April 4-6.

Deadline for nominations is Friday, March 8, 2013, at 5 pm Pacific Standard Time.

For the individual who has been instrumental in delivering the EPIP message to their local network. 

The EPIP Catalyst Award is given to an individual EPIP member who has demonstrated their commitment to the EPIP network, mission, and values in new and exciting ways, whether that activity has happened through a chapter supported region or a region currently without an EPIP chapter. This individual is a true change agent within their community and ours, taking risks and being rewarded for it. Examples include: developing content at the chapter level, delivering trainings to a chapter or the national network, expanding the EPIP network in a new region.

For the EPIP chapter that has experienced the most notable growth this past year.

The EPIP Unity Award is given to the chapter who has grown most notably in the past year. Growth can be measured in a number of ways: number of members, consistency of programming, or expansion of steering committee (both in numbers and with governance structure), for example. EPIP Chapters provide leadership development opportunities, and EPIP Chapter Leaders have the opportunity to learn through action. The EPIP Unity Award rewards that action.

For the individual outside of the immediate EPIP network who is working towards the EPIP mission and values.

The EPIP Activist Award aims to unify the work that EPIP cares most about; it honors an individual outside our immediate network working to inspire a cadre of emerging leaders committed to creating a more just, equitable, and sustainable world. This individual may never have even heard of EPIP before, and that is ok. We are working to unify our movement, and want to lift up the voices of those doing work we admire and respect.

Criteria to submit a nomination:
Be a current dues-paying EPIP member, that’s it!

Criteria to receive a nomination
Be a current dues-paying EPIP member, except for the Activist Award, which is open to any changemaker.

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