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EPIP launches brand new online member community called Member Connect

All current EPIP members are now invited to sign in to Member Connect, EPIP’s custom-built online community. Join or renew your dues today for access to this virtual benefit hub, full of resources, content and networking opportunities. Functionality will continue to expand, too.

Members can currently access the following menu options:

  • The “member resources” page will give you important links and instructions on how to enter events and make requests of EPIP HQ.
  • The “directory” is a listing of EPIP members. You can use this to locate other EPIP members and message them publicly or privately, and to network with your peers. Find yourself in this directory, click your username, and click “profile” to fill in your information and upload an avatar.
  • The “activity stream” shows you what’s going on within the member community. You can post status updates, questions, or anything else you’d like to share with the membership.
  • “Groups” is where you can find your local chapter. Here, you can ask to join the chapter group and be a part of the conversations that happen there.
  • “Programs” takes you to a special members-only area where you can download documents, discuss program topics, and sign up for services like career coaching. We’re starting with our Effective Leadership Career Program (ELCP) and will be rolling out areas for other EPIP programs in the coming months.

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